5 Resources and Tips for Home Removals and Storage in London

Building exterior of a secure self storage facility with multiple drive up units

370,300 people in the UK moved in the year 2017. The average cost of a move is around £10,000.

Most people find moving stressful. But there are ways to make moving in London easier and less expensive.

You have to have the right information available to you ahead of your move. And you’ve come to the right place.

We’re experts when it comes to removals and storage in London. Keep reading to learn our five best tips for removals in London.

1. Declutter Before Dealing with Removals and Storage in London

Whether you’re just moving your items to storage in London or you’re packing to move to a new location, don’t bring along unnecessary items. Always get rid of anything you don’t like, use or need.

Doing so will help you cut down on the cost of removal. Also, clutter causes depression and anxiety; two things you don’t need to deal with when moving.

Decluttering also helps you take inventory of what you do own as you sort through everything. It also allows you to know exactly where everything you own is.

2. Pack What You Don’t Need Ahead of Time

By packing anything you want to keep, but don’t necessarily need ahead of time, you won’t feel as stressed when moving day comes. This process allows you to pack up rooms you don’t use very often slowly.

Make sure you have plenty of packing materials available. Newspapers and bubble wrap work well. However, you can also use blankets, towels, and clothing to use if you need extra packing materials.

Just make sure you pack everything properly, so nothing gets broken during the move.

3. Label Everything and Create a Master List

Once you know where everything is, it’s easier to keep track of them. Moving in London can get complicated, and you don’t want to spend the next few weeks trying to figure out where everything went.

As you pack, label every box. Create a master list that helps you keep track of your boxes and their contents.

4. Use a Storage Facility if You Lack Space

Storage in London is beneficial if you need to place already packed items away from your home until after the move. A storage facility is also helpful if you don’t have much extra space in your home to keep certain items.

Find a storage facility that has 24/7 security and is temperature controlled. Then properly label everything so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

5. Contact Your Utility Companies Ahead of Time

Contact your utility companies as soon as possible to give them your updated information. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether you have internet available after the move.

If you’re moving away from where your current utility company’s service area and you aren’t planning on watching tv, go ahead and cancel your service to save a few extra bucks.

Hire the Best Removal Company

When researching removals and storage in London, do some research. You want to find a company that is willing to relocate to your area.

Get a few quotes before you make your decision. Click here to request your quote from us today.