Furniture disassembly and reassembly services in South & West London

Eliminate the time, energy and effort of putting up and taking down those large, awkward items of furniture thanks to your professional disassembly and reassembly team at SWLondon Removals.

We’ve all felt it, haven’t we? That little jump of excitement that comes when our new flat-pack furniture finally arrives at our home. More often than not, it’s this same excitement that is quickly squashed when we remove the packaging and stare agog at some kind of hugely complicated jigsaw that looks as though it’ll take several rocket scientists at least a week to put together.

That’s not to mention the same kind of frustrations that come with taking down our existing furniture ready to move home, all before going through the same hassles of building it back together in our new property.

The good news, is that moving, storing and assembling your furniture doesn’t have to be either confusing nor time consuming when you talk to the professional disassembly and assembly specialists here at SWLondon.

Working with homeowners, tenants and businesses alike, our team of experts work with care and efficiency to ensure your items are built up and taken down safely, with no damaged goods or missing pieces guaranteed.

What we do

Our services are ideal for South West London residents who lack the time or desire to deal with IKEA assembly, disassembling their bedroom furniture for a big home move, or businesses in the middle of a big relocation.

Here’s just some of the items around your home or office that we can help with:

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Remove any doubts about how secure your kitchen cupboards, dining room tables, chairs and other essential items are put together when you hire our professional team to guarantee every item is installed and assembled correctly and safely.


Let’s face it, you’ve got better things to be doing with your Sunday afternoon than spending it trying to assemble that brand new wardrobe or bed you’ve just purchased. Let us take on the hard work, leaving you free to indulge in the more enjoyable things in life.

Children’s and baby’s bedrooms

Nothing matters more to you in life than the safety of your young ones, which is why it pays to ensure their cribs, beds and items of furniture are securely assembled by skilled experts.

Save Even More Money by Combining SWLondonRemovals Services On Your Next Home or Office Move

Across South and West London, many of our customers have taken advantage of our furniture disassembly and assembly services as part of a completely customisable service to help them move to a new home or business premises.

From the moment we take the first screw out of your furniture to the moment we finally put the last one securely into place, SWLondon Removals put our experience and expertise to work in guaranteeing your entire move runs smoothly and efficiently.

To find out more about how we can help with your next item of furniture, or for a free, no obligation quote on assembly and disassembly, home removals and more, contact us at SW London Removals today.