Professional House Removals in Putney

Allow yourself more time to enjoy the nicer parts of moving home when you hire SW London, the leading removals company in Putney, SW15.

Remember the days when moving house used to be such a simple, straight-forward and enjoyable process? When there was nothing more to worry about than picking a colour scheme for that big redecorating job you were planning to do after Christmas, and when all the hard work was done by someone else?

You don’t? Then it’s probably safe to assume you never moved house with SWLondon Removals before. Operating across the Putney and South London area, our team of Putney removals specialists do all we can to make your move one that’s completely void of worry, concern or stress.

After all, what with exploring your new neighbourhood, meeting the neighbours, and enjoying Putney’s famous sculpture trail, we figure that you’ve got far better things you could be doing than driving yourself up the wall on move day.

Make time to enjoy your moving day

To ensure you have all the time and peace of mind you need to really enjoy the nicer parts of moving home, our highly trained, highly experienced moving specialists approach your move as if it were their very own, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to really enjoy the nicer parts of moving to a new town.

This also means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a team on hand who many of your neighbours have already trusted to deliver their prized possessions with the same kind of care, attention, and efficiency that you expect and deserve from a top moving company in Putney, London.

Our Promise to You

Going one step further in our commitment to delivering first class moving services in the area, we promise you that:

We’ll be there on time, every time, no matter what.

Thanks to our years of helping new tenants and homeowners start a new life in Putney, we know the back of the local roads like the back of our hands, and can guarantee to always use the shortest yet safest route from A-B.

We’ll never dictate when you can and can’t move

Fed up of talking to moving companies who can only help you out when you’re at work? Talk to SW London Removals, and we’ll work together to agree a schedule that works around you, including flexible booking options at evenings and weekends.

We’ll even help you pack

Need your moving company to help with more than just loading items onto a truck and unloading them again at your new home? You’ve got it. Along with our standard removals service, we’re also proud to offer additional support with packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and disassembly, and even affordable storage solutions in a number of convenient locations across South West London.

We’ll never spring any nasty surprises on you

Trust us, we hate hidden fees just as much as you do, so we promise that the price we quote you in the beginning is all you’ll ever pay at the end, not a penny more.

Ready to finally enjoy moving house? Talk to our specialists who can help you with your removals in Putney today and let’s get you on your way to a brand new life.