Self Storage Containers vs a Storage Unit: Which Is Right for You?

SWLondon Self Storage unit

Brits like their stuff so much they store over five times more belongings than their European neighbours. In fact, the UK uses 37.6 million square feet of storage space to store their stuff.

Thankfully, there is more than one storage solution available these days. Some people prefer storing their belongings in self-storage containers.

Others find a storage unit is far more convenient for their needs. If you’ve been struggling to determine which solution is best for you, keep reading.

We’re sharing with the pros and cons of self-storage containers vs a storage unit.

Self Storage Containers

Self-storage containers are versatile in that you can place them wherever you need them the most. You can also rent as many as you need.

These containers are wooden and hold approximately 250 cubic feet.

Delivered to Your Location

The company delivers the container and then re-delivers it when you’re ready. There’s no need to do any heavy lifting yourself or to hire a van.

They then store your items in a safe, dry warehouse.

Pros of Self-Storage Containers

It’s easy to box up your items and then completely forget where things are stored. But with self-storage containers, you can have a full inventory of the contents of each container made.

That makes it very easy for you to find exactly what you need while it’s in storage.

Professional Treatment of Your Belongings

Your furniture and mattress are wrapped professionally for storage. You even have the free use of transit blankets. Even high-value and antiques can be expertly wrapped using high-quality acid-free paper-lined plastic wrapping.

And you can get insurance on your items while they’re being stored in case something happens.

Eco-Friendly and Sturdy

Wooden self-storage containers are eco-friendly. And since the materials used in the making of wooden self-storage units are durable, they last for a long time.

These storage containers are ideal for carrying heavy loads and they’re incredibly sturdy.

Cons of Self-Storage Containers

If you get a custom made crate made at a specific shape, it may not be usable again. You’ll also need space around your property to store the wooden container until you’re ready to have it moved.

Also, 250 cubic feet isn’t a lot of space. It’s the equivalent of packing up a regular sized closet along with half of a bathroom. You’ll need to rent several in order to pack everything up.

Pesticides and Odd Odours

Sometimes pesticides are used on certain wood materials. Those pesticides may seep into your belongings.

Wood can also give off a certain odour. That odour may end up making all of your belongings smell odd as well.

Prone to Bateria, Fungus, and Splintering

Wood is highly susceptible to bacterial growth. It can also create fungus, especially if kept moist for long periods of time. They need to remain dry.

Wood is also prone to splintering and may be more prone to collecting dust. Never store perishable items, especially fruits and vegetables in a wood self-storage container.

People Who Will Benefit Most from a Self-Storage Container

Not everyone will benefit from renting or buying a container. However, the following types of individuals may find renting a storage container highly beneficial:

  • Businesses
  • Those clearing out a home after a loved one’s passing
  • People with lots of clutter and own their own home
  • Individuals with extra land to store a container

Make sure to buy an equipment lock to ensure your items stay safe both on your own property and at the storage facility.

Self-Storage Units

People rent a self-storage unit at a designated storage facility. They tend to offer a few different size options.

You can rent as many as you need, but only if there’s enough space. Otherwise, you’ll need to find another storage facility to store your extra items.

Budget Friendly

A self-storage unit is a great option if you’re on a budget. The monthly fee doesn’t change so they’re a great choice if you’re not sure how long you need to store your items for.

Pros of Self-Storage Units

Most storage facilities provide 24/7 security on site. Also, thieves would have to trespass and have a passcode to the facility and then break into your specific unit to steal your stuff.

You can also rent your storage space and immediately move all of your belongings in, typically within the same day.

Many storage facilities also offer heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Some storage facilities also offer insurance in case your unit is broken into.

Cons of Self-Storage Units

Unless you rent a truck or a professional moving service, you may need to make multiple trips to get your items to the storage area. And every time you need something from your unit, you’ll have to drive there to get it.

While some facilities allow for 24/7 access, many others don’t. You’ll then be at the mercy of their schedule in order to gain access to your possessions when you want them.

Storage units may come in different sizes, but there aren’t that many different sizes to choose from. That may limit your ability to get the exact size you need.

People Who Will Benefit Most from a Self-Storage Unit

A container isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. Sometimes a unit makes more sense. Here is a list of those individuals who will benefit more from renting a unit:

  • Are budget-conscious
  • Don’t have the land to store a container
  • Need short-term storage but aren’t planning to move
  • Need to keep their items in temperature controlled storage
  • Doesn’t own a home and frequently travels

Keep in mind it’s really easy to store your stuff there and then forget about it. That can mean years of paying for a storage unit for belongings you don’t even use

Let Us Help You Pack and Move

Whether self-storage containers or a storage unit is the right choice for you, moving is stressful. It’s easier when you have the right kind of help.

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